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chemistry of complex compounds

Vasyl Ivanovych
Head of department
Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
Professor, Doctor of Chemistry

phone: 424-25-11
e-mail: pekhnyo@ionc.kiev.ua

The department was established in 1947. It was headed recently by Corresponding Members of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences V.Y. Izbekov and I.A. Sheka and Doctor of Chemistry E.A. Maletin. Since 2002 V.I. Pekhnyo, Corresponding Member of NAS Ukraine, Professor, Doctor of Chemistry, Honorary Doctor of the Uzhhorod National University heads the department. Scientists of the department have been awarded by the Ukrainian State Prize in the field of science and technology (S.V. Volkov, V.I. Pekhnyo), a certificate of honour of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministry (V.I. Pekhnyo), the prize of the Ukrainian NAS Talent, Inspiration, Labour (S.I. Orysyk). The scientific works during last decade were supported by 7 international grants and the grant of the President of Ukraine, are protected by 29 patents and have been published in 84 papers in Ukraine and abroad.

The main lines of research
  • synthesis and investigation of complexes of platinum metals with hydrazone, salicylaldimine and carbothiamide derivatives;
  • chemistry and use of complexes of precious metals with phosphonic and amino acid derivatives;
  • chemistry and use of complexes of Mg, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu with β-dicarbonyl ligands.

Research and applied results
  • Methods of goal-directed synthesis have been developed, and about 100 new complex compounds of Ru, Rh, Pd and Ir with hydrazone, salicylaldimine and carbothiamide derivatives have been synthesized. The dependence of chemical properties, the composition and structure of the new compounds on synthesis conditions, the change of which determines the tautomeric form and denticity of coordinated ligand and the size of metallocycle formed. For the number of new compounds, cardioprotective properties- a basis of creating new drugs- have been established.
  • The number of coordination compounds of precious metals with polydentate ligands (phosphonic acid derivatives) have been synthesized. Their structure in solutions and in the crystalline state has been determined. Depending on substituents, different manners of their coordination have been established. The possibility to use the new compounds in the treatment of certain cancer diseases has been demonstrated.
  • New coordination compounds of a number of s and d metals with β-dicarbonyl ligands, which promise much as inhibitors of replication of pathogenic viruses, including human immunodeficiency viruses.

Key researchers
Candidates of Chemical Sciences S.I. Orysyk, L.I. Koval, O.M. Kozachkova, L.M. Rybachuk, N.V. Chornenka, S.V. Korobko, V.V. Bon.

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