NAS Ukraine

solid state chemistry

Anatoly Grygorovych
Head of department
Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
Professor, Doctor of Chemistry

phone: 424-22-11
e-mail: belous@ionc.kiev.ua

The department was established in 1970 by Doctor of Chemistry V.P. Chaly. Since 1982 A.G. Belous heads the department. The scientific works were supported by 13 international grants and grants of the President of Ukraine, are protected by 17 patents and have been published in 126 papers in Ukraine and abroad.

The main lines of research
  • synthesis of nanoparticles and nanocrystalline materials based on complex oxide systems and study of their self-organization;
  • synthesis of multilayer ferroelectric nanostructures and studies of their properties;
  • development of novel high-q microwave dielectric materials;
  • synthesis of novel ion-conducting materials based on complex oxides of group IV and V elements;
  • synthesis and properties of nanocrystalline ferromagnetic materials.

Research and applied results
  • During the synthesis of complex oxide systems from solutions, fractally organized xerogels and nanoscale oxide materials were sown to be formed. The effect of precursor preparation conditions of the type of fractal structures in the case of transition from one structure level to another has been established.
  • The effect of the properties of ferroelectric system on the magnetic properties of ferromagnetic- based multi-layer nanostructures has been shown.
  • Favorable effect of deviation from stoichiometry on the electro-physical properties of microwave dielectrics based on complex niobium oxides with perovskite structure has been established.
  • It has been shown that the conductivity of La-Li niobates with defect-perovskite structure increases greatly with the increasing of structural channels size, which was achieved by partial aliovalent substitution for lanthanum ions.
  • It has been found that in lanthanum-strontium manganites, substitution in the manganese sub-lattice, influencing the exchange energy, makes it possible to affect favorably the characteristics of magnetoresistive effect.
  • Novel functional materials, elements and devices based on them have been developed, which are used in modern communication systems and machine building.

Key researchers
Candidates of Chemical Sciences O.V. Pashkova, O.I. Vyunov , O.Z. Yanchevsky, L.L. Kovalenko, O.V. Ovchar, O.M. Gavrilenko, D.O. Durylin.
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